Ode To Colors and Other Projects

I have another book in proofreading stage that will be coming soon. The book is called Ode To Colors. This collection has poems about colors, mentioning colors and anything else related to colors. I am hoping to get the book out in October. Once its publish I will post the links.

Also I have other projects in the pipeline. There will be another volume of Collection of Dog Poetry and 30 Poems In 30 Days: April Poetry Challenge. The next one will take awhile to finish which will be about 100 dog haiku poems on what a dog would poem about in haiku form. I am still writing poems about this one and haven’t reached 100 yet. One last project is going be more a book on my take on writing poetry with prompt ideas and more. That one is take a little bit longer to work on. I will follow up with more updates later.

Smores Dip

Preheat oven four hundred fifty degrees
Gather four or more chocolate bars;
More the better for chocolate lovers
A bag of marshmallows,
Grahams crackers is all else you will need
Spray round or square pan with spray butter
Add layer of chocolate bars first
Pack your marshmallows tightly on top
Ding, oven is ready
In goes pans to bake for five to seven minutes
Or until marshmallows are toasted
Cool for ten minutes before you start
Take a graham cracker and dip right in

Red Balloon

Bobbing up and down from light breeze
A red balloon sits anchored in knots on a fence
Waiting for someone to come along and take away
People pass by, but none are right
Red balloon continues to wait
Until a small child takes notices,
Skips up to the fence.
Child eyes red balloon happily
As hands gently untie the knot
Child holds red balloon tightly
As both bob and skip down road together.

Apple Is Red

Why do they say in books, an apple is red?
Don’t they know there’s also other colors too.
I have seen green ones;
I have seen yellow too.
Apples have variety unlike a plum
Which only comes in one color, purple.
Only because red apples are seen the most
Which gives reason for books to say:
“Apple is red”

Even 5 Dog More Haiku Poems

More dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

I stop walking to
Give you stare of stubbornness,
I won’t walk further

Did I hear bag tear
Ears perk at the sound then
I run to you fast

Use paw to bat kong
Treats fall out for me to eat–
They are delicious

Kong is empty now
I look to you eyes pleading
I want some more please

It’s raining out there
I don’t want to go out now
Fur will get soppy

Tres Libros A Month

My abuela would ask me:
“Why do you read more than uno libro at a time?”
I always say:
“Because I like reading many places
And learning many new things.”
I would read about tres libros a month.
A thirst for knowledge I had
As I would gobble each libro in sight
Reading palabra after palabra
Seeing, imaging what was happening
Not putting el libro down until a chapter ended;
Then picking up the next libro
For another fascinating chapter.
Libros will always be part of my life
All got started when given mystery series to read.

April 19th, 2016 Poem: Write down 10 words you know from another language or languages. Now write a poem using five of those words.

Interrupted Sleep

I sleep peacefully curled up on my bed
Until I feel something in the air
My pointed ears hear it miles away
My sleep is interpreted by whats to come
A storm, loud and thunderous comes at last
My silent sleep is no more
A dog like me will not sleep
Until the storm has passes by
I go to bath tub, wait it out
It’s to hard sleep when a storm is about
Minutes, hours pass
Will this storm end so I can get rest
Before I know it storm is gone
Back to my bed, I can finally finish my sleep