Rains Come Down

Drip, drop
Rain comes down
Falling upon
Already soaked ground,
Making puddles bigger
And grass squisher then before
So to look like a swamp instead.
Will the rain ever let up today?
Maybe so, or perhaps tomorrow now?


Tres Libros A Month

My abuela would ask me:
“Why do you read more than uno libro at a time?”
I always say:
“Because I like reading many places
And learning many new things.”
I would read about tres libros a month.
A thirst for knowledge I had
As I would gobble each libro in sight
Reading palabra after palabra
Seeing, imaging what was happening
Not putting el libro down until a chapter ended;
Then picking up the next libro
For another fascinating chapter.
Libros will always be part of my life
All got started when given mystery series to read.

April 19th, 2016 Poem: Write down 10 words you know from another language or languages. Now write a poem using five of those words.

Interrupted Sleep

I sleep peacefully curled up on my bed
Until I feel something in the air
My pointed ears hear it miles away
My sleep is interpreted by whats to come
A storm, loud and thunderous comes at last
My silent sleep is no more
A dog like me will not sleep
Until the storm has passes by
I go to bath tub, wait it out
It’s to hard sleep when a storm is about
Minutes, hours pass
Will this storm end so I can get rest
Before I know it storm is gone
Back to my bed, I can finally finish my sleep


Following her sister
She comes wearing a flaming
Red dress to dazzle all.
She is stunning, the older one
Who knows when to tone down in the end.
She is quick to start relationship
Only to start giving cool shoulder.
She lets feel like you’re on a desert
Then makes you feel you’re riding waves
With cool breezes blowing by.
She’s a mix bag in the end.
She gives you one more chance of fun
Then snatches it away later
Leaving you to what will come ahead.

Not Showing On Your Day

I’m sorry I didn’t show.
I was riding the waves on
the back a bottle-nosed dolphin
while blindfolded trying to
take a selfie of the pair of us.
I’m sorry I didn’t show.
I was on my way
when giant rocks came rolling
down the roadway towards me
and I had seconds to drive off
the road into a ditch
filled with green gooey slime.
I regret I couldn’t make it.
I was flying alongside an eagle
on my way to talk to aliens.
I am not the elephant.
I am the mouse
Who is darting away
from walking shoes
which travel the walkway.
I am your brother
shaking my head at you.
I am his words
fizzing out slowly
in your champagne glass.
I am the guarded dog.
I am recording your
life moments in slow
single frame at a time
hoping you will see
the light at the end
of the darken tunnel
where you made your
life committing mistake.

On The Beach

White sandy beaches stretch for miles
Never ending, they go on and on.
Blue, teal ocean waters are calm
With gently rolling white cap waves
Moving in and out; in and out.
A green frilly palm tree on edge of beach asks,
Why can’t I be closer to the ocean
and enjoy the breezes of the wind there.

While a brown shelled crab dances sideways
Down the never ending beach
Between rows and rows of towels,
Each different with color designs.
Crab keeps going until he finds
The one place he can get away
From the hustle and bustle
Of many people on the beach.

Community Garden

I stepped into the community garden one day
Had grown like a thick forest since last I saw
Tomato vines growing and curling over
Onions stalks bent out upon the path
Huge leaves of kale spilling over
Also hiding who knows underneath
Other vegetable and fruit leaves or stalk
Snake and twine about also
Pathways block by what may seem
Out of control vegetables and fruits
I manage to find our family plot
It too was overgrown all over
But scissors in hand the cuts were made
Trimming and gathering what was mature
Then stepping back ours looked better
Not over grown like rest of the plots
Taking what what we found back home
So we could create a nice dinner tonight