Busy In A Tree Revised

I did not stop to chat with you,
As you were busy in a tree
Swinging your slender arms
Back in forth on a branch.

Tree was high with apples
And green leaves hiding you
Where you were picking from the tree,
By virbrating branch
Back and forth, back and forth.

I didn’t want to startle you there
For you could fall and besides
The point, I had a birthday gift
Which you were not allow to see.

So on I went to your place,
But I had the feeling you were watching me
From between the green leaves of the tree
Hoping to spy the gift I was going to give to thee.

April 29th 2015 poem: Choose one of the poems you have drafted this month and revise it at least one of these ways: break it into stanzas, or make it all one stanza; cut every other line; or add a line between each line.

Routine Before Sleep

I have a routine before I sleep
My owner finds it odd
I paw my bed and paw some more
Trying to make my bed comfortable
I paw there and there and there again
I walk around in circles on my bed
Walking around till I know
I lay down finally paws underneath me
Satisfy my routine is done
I can finally get my sleep

I Am A Poet [Revision]

I am a poet,
My words flow through my pen.
The words dance across the page,
In a harmonic and rhythmic way
As beats in a line of music.

I am a poet,
Deep in thought and writing.
I think of poems no one else can.
Giving life to each and every one
They jump out upon the page.

I am a poet,
My writing I give to thee.
I will write about nature and life.
I will also write about my love to thee
For there is no end in writing for me.

I am a poet.
I write poems for all to see.

On Tuesday A Job Offer

Few months back I recall
On Tuesday received a call did I
A job offer for new job for me.
Caller explained on Tuesday
What the offer entailed.
Stunned I was to say the least
Speechless beyond words to say.
Told the day I could start
I thanked him and we hung up.
Rest of Tuesday I felt on cloud nine
Over the moon for a new job
Which would be started soon.

April 14th 2016 Poem: Throw-Back Thursday or Monday-Monday: Write a poem about something that happened to you on a day (not date) that seems significant, Monday or Thursday or any other day of the week, but state the day three times in the poem.

Deleting Smartphone Camera Album

Why did I accidentally delete you
You were to start my growing collection
I spent countless hours trying to find some fragment
Of missing photos and videos you had
Inside your technical wrapped folder
I long to find you in cyberspace
But it is vast in the etherspace of time
What I give to view my photos and videos again
To laugh, to show them off to other
Alas, it is not to be, I scour the internet
Trying to find some way to bring back
My photos and videos I have lost.
For it was meant be, there were others too
But I didn’t need those back at all
One month of having new phone
I praise that I can find away to reproduce
Maybe a fraction of what was lost
I am glad you didn’t have more saved
Only a fraction lost to time
For what I had taken photos and videos of
Was only my dog and some nature things.
My dog is still here for me
I can take photos whenever I want
She has lifted me out
For now it is no big deal anymore
I find I got worked out for nothing
Just a few photos which didn’t mater at all
Now I know to be more observant
Backup or download an app to help me
In case it ever happens again.

April 26, 2015 Poem: Write an elegy for something (rather than someone) that you have lost, using the three traditional stages of the elegy for three parts of your poem: the lament for the loss, praise for the lost, and consolation for those left behind.

5 Vet Dog Haikus

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Did you say the vet–
Please don’t take me there at all
Place is too scary

Don’t take me in vet
I put on the brakes near door
Refuse to enter

No, I whine inside
Please take me away from here
I must run and hide

It is checkup time
Vet slides me across the floor
I refuse to budge

Vet examines me
I don’t want to be poked at
Is checkup done yet