How To Say A Dozen Without Saying It

In 1994 that was how old I was
I remember thats when girls would start puberty
Going to church hearing about Jesus’ disciples
Taking out a box of Caryola markers
To work on some craft in Sunday school
Mom would buy eggs from the store
One time she got to many Paczkis for Fat Tuesday
She would hardly buy that many donuts
Even though I wish she would
Number of months in a year learned in school
Along with total number on face of a clock
And half of a twenty-four hour day
I ran across top dirty foods you shouldn’t eat
While reading package of chocolate chip cookies
That would be made once I baked them in the oven
Then shoving pack of bottle water for a party later in week
Which more than enough people would be hanging around to drink them

April 17th 2015 poem: Make a list of 12 things and/or phrases that relate to the word “dozen” (eggs, disciples, “cheaper by,” etc.). Write a poem using as many of those words as you can without using the word “dozen.”


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