Halloween Candies

House to house I gather you all
Each of you maybe different than the next
I go walking door to door
Dressed in a Halloween costume
All I do is ring a door bell
Then say “trick or treat”
Door opens, someone stands there
Holding a bowl of many wrapped you
I pick one out
Say my thanks
Then off to next as fast as little legs can go
Hour wanes, I go back home
Dump all of you on floor
I sort you all by type
I give parents ones I don’t want
Now it’s a matter of which will be eaten first

Cold Days Arrive

Cold days have finally arrived
Wind whips coldly in your face
Bundled in many layers from head to foot
You trod out with dog for walk
You must walk her everyday
Doesn’t matter cold, rain or shine
It’s part of routine and exercise
Walk maybe shorter now
For seasons have changed
But know it gets better when seasons change again

At Video Store

I am in a video store with younger sister
Trying to pick out a movie for weekend
I am not quite twelve yet in spring of 1994
School year almost out,
Almost every Friday my sister and I
Head out to rent a movie or two
Bulky videotapes line shelves
That in distance future will be replace
Our quick minds find what we want
We race to see who, with video in hand
Makes it to counter first
Knowing first one there has first dibs on a jars of pogs;
A passing fad game we rarely played
Only just collecting the round discs
With different images on them

April 27th, 2015 poem: Write about a shopping trip you took with one of your parents or grandparents or with a childhood friend. Try to pinpoint the year it took place and include something in the poem from that year which no longer exists.

The Poet

On an island he wanders with thoughts tucked under his arm
Nothing but the wide waving grassy sandy beaches
To hear his elegy of words as he writes upon parachment paper.
He alone lost in contemplating the new sonnet
Enabled only by the distance love back in mainland
If only she hadn’t left him out in the cold
Surely he could find a way to win back her love.
Letters he poured into her mailbox before he left.
Along he walks upon the beach searching for words
None come to light as he is lost in his own
Delusional world of scatter endless thoughts.

City Becomes Awake

Skies are dark in early morning
City along winding river sleeps
Only little noise, not enough to wake
Rush of red taillights steak through
Awakes the sleeping giant
Until city buzzes alive
With morning sounds of taffic;
People walking noisily on street
Curtain eyes open windows wide
Light peaks in to new day
City shades its eyes against sunrise
Opens its arms to people and traffic today

5 Outside Dog Haikus

Even more dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

Big leaf pile I see
Jump in to bury myself
Try to find me now?

I plead to you so
We can go outside, but its
Too dark to go now

Upset that I can
Not have a third walk outside–
It gets dark early

You rake the leaves and
I will run, jump in and out–
Having so much fun

You complain outside
That it’s cold and hurry walk
I slow down our walk

Late Fall This Year

Leaves are changing late this year
Weather hasn’t turn too cold yet
Now with October, winds have changed
Fall has finally arrive a little late
But he has time to catch up until
December comes with his icy hands
To blanket days with fridged cold weather
He’ll make do with notice given
For he was probably on vacation
And forgot to take notice, he was needed back in September.