Advice From A Wolf

Find a mate you are willing to stay with forever.
Enlarge your territory, guard it against intruders;
May have to kill other wolves not part of pack to maintain territory.
Communicate by leaving scent marking to everybody around;
Saying this is my territory, keep out.
Live in the wild remote wilderness, stay away from cities.
Be shy; cautious around humans appearently they have grudge against us
Don’t stay in one place; travel as far as 12 miles per day.
Hunt and travel in a pack; being a lone wolf is a hard life.
Sleep during day and save huntinf for food at night.
We are voracious eaters; eat up to 20 pounds of food during meal.
Find weakest, sickest animal in herd, circle it, and kill it together with fellow pack members.
Prey on large animals such as moose, goats, sheep and deer.
Winter time may have to eat smaller animals if game is scarce.
Be more active at dawn and dusk.
Care for any pups that are born within pack.
Chew on bones; helps keep teeth in good shape
Only growl or snarl when threatened
Have friends within the pack.
Howl to communicate with other members of the pack.
Practice your complex communication system
Which ranges from barks and whines to growls and howls.
Make sure to play a key role in keeping ecosystems healthy.
We are ones which help keep deer and moose population in check.
Downtime play and have fun with fellow pack members.


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