At Video Store

I am in a video store with younger sister
Trying to pick out a movie for weekend
I am not quite twelve yet in spring of 1994
School year almost out,
Almost every Friday my sister and I
Head out to rent a movie or two
Bulky videotapes line shelves
That in distance future will be replace
Our quick minds find what we want
We race to see who, with video in hand
Makes it to counter first
Knowing first one there has first dibs on a jars of pogs;
A passing fad game we rarely played
Only just collecting the round discs
With different images on them

April 27th, 2015 poem: Write about a shopping trip you took with one of your parents or grandparents or with a childhood friend. Try to pinpoint the year it took place and include something in the poem from that year which no longer exists.

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