I Took a Dollar Bill [Revision]

Today I took a dollar bill,
Went outside in backyard near.
Dug a hole so deep,
Buried the dollar bill there.
Watered it day and night,
Gave thanks for the dollar bill.
I watched roots take hold,
In soil that was on a hill.
A tree began to grow,
And grow it ready did.
Instead of leaves I saw,
Now dollar bills instead.
I gave thanks to dollar tree,
As I cut each bill down.
I pass out to people I met,
In each and every town;
They were gratful for the bills
I went and planted another one down the hill.

Wrapping Paper Life

Wrapping paper line the floor
Destroyed by hands
Some gently, neatly off;
While others torn to shreds
Is that what life is?
Moving quickly through life
Opening the next wrapped gift
Only looking at it for brief moment
Before going on to the next
But for those who gently, neatly open
They sit back to savor the moment
To savor life before it rushes pass them
In a blink of an eye

Peppermint Dessert

Chocolate oreo crumbs mixed with butter
Spread out on 13 inch by 9 inch pan
With back of spoon for delicious crust
Soften peppermint ice cream pours its way in
Covering every inch with its pink self
Topped with snow white whip cream
Which is thawed out for final layer
A piece of tin foil wraps snuggle around pan
As dessert is placed in freezer to become frozen
Right before serving a cold dessert on Christmas Eve
A sprinkling of candy canes
And hot fudge adds a chocolate minty taste.
So refreshing after a Christmas meal

Pawing The Blanket

Blanket in living room waits for me
To curl up and nestle in
I approach, paw at the soft fabric
It was may just right for me to lay on
I paw that corner
Then paw another
I nudge my snout to help
With making my blanket comfortable
I paw again, is it right?
I turn around, and round
Until satisfy, I lay down content
Rest my head, now it’s time for sleep

Mr Winter

Mr Winter has come to call
He comes right after Fall
Bringing cold and snow
All season he puts on a show
Of snow and ice
And everything nice
Watch the snowflakes fall,
See blizzards make their call
What will he bring this year?
I’m afaid it’s too much my dear
As now it’s freezing below
And waters can’t flow
Can’t wait till season is done
So I can go out and have some fun

Cold Days Comes

Cold days comes to our front doors
Cold stale air saps our energy
To where we feel like doing nothing
We just want to hide undercovers
Pile on more blankets
Try to keep warm from the cold outside
But, the cold doesn’t want to be kept at bay
It will find a way to creep in
There is no escape from cold days
Where one would stay in
Not go anywhere for the day