Is home in a high rise looking over a beach;
Or a secluded cottage tucked in a forest bed
Is home in a crowded city
With flashing lights flickering in evening
Along with noisy traffic honking all day long
Or is home in quiet suburbs
Where houses are spaced out
With neat trim lawns
And in the evening it’s silent
As you read a book before bed
Where is home?

Blizzard Strikes

Sliently as a cobra,
Blizzard strikes when least excepted
Out from nowhere from a light snow
Blizzard comes with deadly force
It reaks havoc on our driving
Causing tail spins and skidding off roadways
Blinds us to what lays ahead
The blizzard is as dangerous as any posionous snake out there
It waits sliently before it strikes again with deadly force

Saying Goodbye

Darkness has come heavy upon my brow
My memory dims as light fades from my eyes
Your cool hand strokes my fur
I rest in the crook of your arm
You cry sad tears for me
Do not worry for me anymore
I will you leave you
Maybe we will meet again
If we do I will be waiting,
I will greet you with wagging tail
Just know I will love you aways
My time has come to move on
Let me rest here until my eyes close
Let me rest in the crook of arm
As you tell me good bye in my ear

5 Dog Haikus Brushing

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Fur flies everywhere
As I shake my furry coat–
It’s time for brushing

Furminator in
Hand, owner comes to brush fur,
I sit very still

Furminator pokes,
I try to endure brushing–
I must lay down now

Continue to brush,
Now I will lay on my side
Can you please finish

Brushing fur is done
You gather discarded fur now
Into trash bin, bye

Oh, My Maiden

Oh, my maiden, yours lands lie in ruin.
Torn apart from many who vibe to take you.
They squabble like little children when changing rules of a game.
You shed tears for them,
But can’t stop their bickering ways.

Oh, my maiden, what will become of you now?
How will you rise up from the fallen ashes?
Will you ever be whole again?
Will you stand proud once again on your own?

Oh, my maiden, you are stronger then ever now.
Your lands richer, greener then before.
Your tears of sorrow turn to joy.
All who vibe in bickering before;
Have now seen their erroring ways.

My maiden, you ride high above the clouds.
All is in your favor
But will it last forever?

Darken Street At Night

Darken street at night beckons me to join
I slip out hidden under their dark cloak
No one can see me under the veil of night
I can be who I want to be out here
I am invisible to all
I play in the shadows
All is quite at night
I take in the silence
Relishing it until it last
Before the sun comes up and it is morning again
With many people crowding the street

At Top Of Stairs

Open door, she prances at top of stairs
Her mouth open, she turns her head side to side
Tail wags back and forth
She goes down few stairs, then back up
She want me to do something
I don’t know what it is
She has been waiting nine hours for my return
I make my way up stairs
Ask her if she is hungry
I ask her, do you need to outside
Her tail wags in response
She moves head side to side
Those are the things she wants
It is the same routine during the work week
When I walk through the door from work