Darken Street At Night

Darken street at night beckons me to join
I slip out hidden under their dark cloak
No one can see me under the veil of night
I can be who I want to be out here
I am invisible to all
I play in the shadows
All is quite at night
I take in the silence
Relishing it until it last
Before the sun comes up and it is morning again
With many people crowding the street

At Top Of Stairs

Open door, she prances at top of stairs
Her mouth open, she turns her head side to side
Tail wags back and forth
She goes down few stairs, then back up
She want me to do something
I don’t know what it is
She has been waiting nine hours for my return
I make my way up stairs
Ask her if she is hungry
I ask her, do you need to outside
Her tail wags in response
She moves head side to side
Those are the things she wants
It is the same routine during the work week
When I walk through the door from work

Gentle Music The Bird Sings

Gentle music the bird sings
While on branches he sways away;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

He sings joyous and flaps his wings
He might do it all day;
Gentle music the bird sings.

I heard singing from the springs
The bird sang louder all the way;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

All night long the bird sings
A tune that carried on the airways
Gentle music the bird sings.

He is very good singing these things
I wish, I could join him in song today;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

Music didn’t die on the wings
He kept it up the next day;
Gentle music the bird sings
A song so melodious is what he brings.

Scripted Life

Why can’t life be scripted like movies
You know every line;
Every moment of what will come in following scene
You are given words from pages
Following directions from directors
Getting cues from fellow actors
All from pages for a movie
Life is not like that in real time
It throws you curves balls
Doesn’t give you a script to read and follow
No, directors to direct you through your life
Only you are the director
But, how can you direct;
When you don’t know the direction to take

Blank Slate

Walls close in, I can’t breathe
Air sucked out of my mouth
All around my world comes collapsing in
Folding into itself like the black holes in outer space
Unitl nothing, a blank slate awaits
Sitting on a stool for me to use
Pick it up, I start my life anew
Where I want it to go;
Not where they want it to go
It is my life;
I should be in control of it.

Winter Is Cruel

Winter is cruel and cold
Raging his winds against our face
Blinds us with flurries
So thick you can not see what’s in front
Makes us shiver and shake when were out
He sends every fridged temperature he got
Plummeting down the scale to negatives
He make snow storms appear out of nowhere
Causes ice to form
Only to sit back and laugh
As we skid and slide everywhere
Using out feet or cars to get where we to go
Why winter, do you have to be so cruel?