5 Clothing Dog Haikus

Here are haikus from what my dog would write.

Holiday coming
Wear holiday bandana
The for occasion

What are those you have
White bunny ears for my head
No, take them off now

Blue scarf blows in wind
I pose for photos for you
Snap, I’m a model

A red and white suit
One paw in then the other
Santa dog is here

Hats keep falling off
Way too big for my small head,
As I can’t stay still

New Arrival

Small, three and half year stands on tiptoes
Peer into window glass in awe
Holding a care bear for one on other side
Staring in room, mom with baby cradle in arms
A baby sister to play with it
She looks too small to interact
When will I see her close up
Not, yet my grandma saids.
Will see her later when at home

With A Suitcase

Death found me at his doorstep with a suitcase.
Perplexed he was to say the least.
He was told he was expecting me later in the week.
I told him I couldn’t wait any longer.
I was tired and wanted relief.
He pondered about the change of plans.
Then shook his head, no can do.
He’ll pick me up later in week at noon.
I pleaded. I begged. Still no go.
As I left back to where I came
I heard him say, “when I come, leave the suitcase at home.
You won’t be needing it where you’re going any more.”

Rock Me To Sleep

Gentle surf rock me to sleep
Like my mother did so long ago
Let your gentle hand guide me though the night
To new destinations unknown
Over rolling foamy wake
I’ll sleep peacefully in your arms
Then, dream of dreams both big and small

Under stars I’ll drift away
Guided only by a white full moon
Glide upon your clear glassy surface
My rocking bed will be bobbing,
Bobbin up and down and up and down
As I sleep under your ever
watchful eye
Like my mother did so long ago

The Book Worm [Revision]

Hidden from view behind pages
Lurks in the shadows among the books
Through pages, buries oneself among
Stack of books on library shelves
Ever silent until end of day
A book cover opens with new eyes its see.
The book worm of books is ready to read.
Reads through the night to early morning
Reading up words it sees with every page,
Lost in time his reading continues
In every book the book worm wriggles through
Enjoys more of what his growing appetite can do
To devour books by reading them
Until light shines through
And back he wriggles to shadows
Until evening comes again


She is the odd one out of twelve
The one’s spirits are offen low
Often she gives the cold shoulder
She wants to be alone in her own world
Her life is often moody
She sees doom and gloom around every corner
Yet somewhere deep within lies hope
Where some day she might pull herself out
From bleakness she sees herself in
Hoping one day she might reconnect with her siblings