The Piano

Fingers fly fast upon keys
Notes exhale out from back
White keys which gleam pressed down
Pop-up fast as fingers move along
Black keys wait until its their turn
They see fingers press them down
Notes are made into chords
Music from the piano
Come alive; entrance all who listens
To its sweet, haunting melody


Thousands Of Snowflakes

Over one thousand snowflakes fell down
As thousands of people walked about
And another or so thousand cars driving through it
Snowflakes fell to ground in thousands
Never stopped; pile kept growing
Blanketed ground until all was white
Through the night thousands fell
Until morning when only one fell slowly to all white ground

What’s New And Happening With The Blog

Today is the 5th year anniversary of beginning the poetry blog. Also, after six years I will reach 1,000 public post after I write a poem after this post gets published. Since the poem will be the 1,000 public post, it will contain some type of 1,000 in it. Hope you guys have been enjoying these poems as much as I have. If there are any suggestions or poem ideas you want me to try out, go to the Suggestion and Ideas page.

Also in the pipeline the 30 Days April Poetry Vol II will be coming out late March. I am also working on a Dog Poetry Collection Vol II. The last book update is finishing writing 100 Dog Haikus based on what my dog would write if she could. There are just a couple more left to write.

Thank you again for liking and following my poetry.

N. K. Hasen

5 Sniffing Eating Haikus

Here are haikus from what my dog would write.

Sniff the carpeted floors;
Sniff some more than lick and lick
Until floor is clean

Wander to kitchen
Sniff floors for food particles
But none are found, darn

Sniff, sniff I smell food
Wander to kitchen for snack
But to far to reach

Oh, food why so high
I need some way to reach you
These front paws won’t do

Saw English muffins
On countertop; grabbed the bag
now in my tummy