Train Coming

Whistle blows up ahead
Train coming around the bend
Tracks vibrate, makes ground move
I stand on platform waiting
I see the long snake like cars come into view
Weaving around the track
Train decends in smoke and stream
To stop at train station
Waits as we get on
A toot to the whistle train ready
To continue on its daily journey

Street Music [Revision]

Sweet melody of faint music
Down distant street I hear.
Notes flowing up my way
In a jazzy kind of beat.
Hear the rhythm of blues
Makes me bounce along the street.
Closer I get to music crooning
More I would like to hear.
Around a corner I finally reach
Music, I hear what a beat.
A music player, playing a saxophone,
Jazzing along to his own rhythmic song.
I stopped to listen to his melody;
Took out my sticks to join the beat.
Our sound carried on the winds
People heard and stopped right through.


Swimming waves go across
Slightly diagonal; spinning
So heavily pulling down like
Tons of bricks. Teetering like
A top it all comes crashing down
As one stumbles unsteady on their feet
Carpet comes up; it seems to fast
Balance is off par in one’s head
Vertigo has come to claim someone.

5 Sad Dog Haikus On Sick Owner

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Owner not feeling
Well, I feel mopey, no walk
Stay near for comfort

Outside breaks are done
By someone else, big long sigh
No long walk today

Check on my owner
Before I head out; short walk
Look OK for now

If owner won’t eat
Will be very sad, no play;
I won’t eat food too

Two days unhappy;
Owner was in bed too sick;
I feel very blue

30 Poems In 30 Days: April Challenge Vol II – Update

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Changing Ground

Green ground high with its waving grass
Blowing lightly, delicately left and right
Unti grass gets short haircut
Waving stops until blades grow again
Then harsh winds; cold temps fill the days
Ground becomes brown as green grass withers and dies
Leaving dreary, desolate, barren lanscape
As seasons changes for the worst
Leaves ground unhappy and depressed
Waiting for sun to show its smiling face again


Oh, what I’d give to visit you
Quaint old towns; with thatch roofs
Wild countryside with grasses blowing
Rich history one can still travel dirt roads down
Maybe I will me a four leaf clover
Known to give good luck
Or catch a wee leprechaun hiding somewhere among the meadows
Hoping he will lead me the pot o gold at end of a rainbow
I’ll walk down historic streets
Drive from Dublin to Galloway Bay
In search of a few ancestors that traveled before me
One day I’ll visit you and marvel at your quaint and beauty

Dog Model

I pose for you in a scarf of baby blue
Tied perfect around my furry neck
I smile my finest doggie grin
Seeing treat held in your hand
You move it slightly one way
I follow with my eyes
Snap, another photo
One more snap before you give me the treat
You grab another and place it a cetrain way
You give me command to wait
You get camera in position;
Say the cue word to take treat
Camera goes as different expressions;
Different movements are caught
I am the dog model
Ready for my next close up and treat please

Moon Has Come

Moon has come
Rising high above my head in
Glowing, radiant light spreading the
Milky light shining down in darken evening,
Your beams mesmerized me or
They beckon with their airy arms saying, “come
Let me gather you in,
Wash you with my light before the
Darkness dissipate to morning”,
I have come
I bury myself within your light; when
Will you come again in your fullest as you’re
Roundness hasn’t diminished for I looked
On coming days and have to wait for
You come or
Enjoy your company til it lasts; I come
My arms out strech to hold you without
Worrying when it will end without warning,
Evening begans to wane we gives kisses
To each other and
Wait for dawn. Dawn welcomes
As you slip away again, you’ll
Wave your airy arms as I find
There is no way to keep you close here.
One last look before
As you dip under the rising sun, I see you
One last time and
Now gone till another time the
Days and nights I oftener
Think the world of you
Call for you to come
But, not fast you’re not here
I think of how I miss the
Sweet lips, in time what more
Can I say; I’ll
Love you as I have adore
Every moon beam sent from you.

This poem uses the last word from a poem called “A Welcome” by Thomas O. Davis

Brain Overload

Brain, my overloaded computer
Too much information computing through
Processing is becoming slow, slugglish
Need too take a long break
Away from from busy work life;
Away from technology;
Away from personal life;
Need to find a place to recharge;
A place to reboot my systems
To cleanse, make room for more information
To free space to process memories
I currently have; try to maintain them
My brain needs a break
Not sure when I time to restart my system.