Blessed Milkthistle

Your purple conical shape draws me
I come near to see thee
Your leaves are like a dancer leaping in the air
Shiny your leaves are with milky-white veins coarsing through
Your hole being as I near; I want to touch
But, pinnate spiny edges stop me in my tracks
For to touch you, will give an ouch!

April 6th Prompt: In a recent New York Times interview, Paul Auster says one of his favorite books is Weeds of the West because of wildflower names like these that he cites: “Bur Chervil. Spreading dogbane. Skeleton-leaf bursage. Nodding beggarticks. Bristly hawksbeard. Tansy ragwort. Blessed milkthistle. Poverty sumpweed. Prostrate spurge. Everlasting peavine. Panicle willoweed. Ripgut brome.”
Write a poem about any one or several of these.


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