6 Ways of Looking at a Chair

Emptiness of someone long gone
From this life
Sits the empty chair.

Crowds loud in and angry
They rage; pick up chair
Hurtle with great force
For famine in the land.

Hours tick by one to another
Restless movement from sitting
Rump is sore on chair
Waiting to see a doctor soon.

Small child see the chair near
Blanket drapes upon it’s shoulder
Camp inside is a made shift tent
For the weather is cold outside.

Four legs like an animal
But still as a statue
No sound except scraping
The chair sliding across wooden floor.

Worn old with age I have become
Alone in thought silent to myself
Worn throughout life the faded fabric;
The brokenness has become
The chair has seen many ages gone by.

April 6 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net


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