Need to Weed the Dresser Drawers

Slept over grandma’s house for New Years
You remember packing everything back
Neat, tidy in an overnight duffel
You unpack, place pajamas, shirts and all
Back where they suppose to be
Then some how one night
You go to find pajama bottoms
But, nothing they disappear in thin air
You search everywhere, but not to found
Until following year your athletic pants goe missing from same drawer
Stare at the dresser, its drawer holding it secrets closely
Pull each drawer open wide
I try to peer in back,
Its dark, a great place to hide
Grab a flashlight to shine though
Close each draw until something peaks out
Stuffed, wedged in way back
Yard stick pushes and pulls
Something is there
Jimmie the stick to closer to see
My pajama bottoms coming back to me
Then their out, how missed them for a year
But, I remembered my athletic wear
The stick does it again out comes the pants
I look at my dresser, and say, “stop eating all my clothes”
It stares back, with itd stoic face
Telling me it time you weed me out a bit

April 7 prompt from this site


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