I Knew A Dog

I knew of a dog, shaggy fur, loyal friend;
With grayish black and white fur
Who in summers would look skinny
when fur was shaved. Her brown eyes would be
covered with a lock of fur. But, those eyes
were sensitive, like she could understand you.

She taught me to love animals and show
compassion to them. She was companion
who would be near you when you were blue.
She was patience, caring and sweetest dog
ever walk the Earth. She tolerated my baby
stages of pulling her tail, and other antics.

She was quick to come when her name was called.
You could hear the jingle in her collar. A homely
face, she could sense your troubles. A shoulder
she would be there to lean on. Oh, sad tidings,
she is gone a friend for fourteen years.

April 10 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net


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