Death Had Come

I looked upon the ground, Death had come.
As I saw the bloody river, Death had come.

Broken bodies lie on the battlefield, Death had come,
To take their souls away from Earth: Death had come.

I saw the lifeless eyes stare in space, Death had come.
The skies had darken; rains came, Death had come.

I didn’t linger for the smell of Death had come.
Silence was all round the field, Death had come.

Many solders fought and died the day Death had come
Charging among them has they were cut down, Death had come.

War is horrible business when Death has come
To claim the fallen at Fredericksburg: Death had come.

I, Hasen ask God, “why so much death”, he replied, “Death has come
to take life, when new life gets created. So, Death has come.”

April 13 prompt from this site


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