Abraham Lincoln’s Top Hat

A black silk top hat stares out behind a glass box
Old with age, it has seen many events unfold
Its wearer, most important man in America: President of the United States during the Civil War, Lincoln
Been at the telegraph office waiting reports
Had walked with its owner across bloody battlefields
Sat on top, a visual cue for any enemy sniper bullet
Was in hand when meeting with officers and other dignitaries
Mourned the death of Lincoln’s son
Having a black band placed around the silken frame
Was probably riding with Lincoln when a shot was fired by a potential assassin
But couldn’t save Lincoln from his prophesized dreams
For they both walked into Ford Theater together
Only one left with severe wound to the head
A top hat witness slaining of a great man
Saw being sheleved for a few years
Afaid some would try to take it away
Now a treasured artifact on display
It sees children briefly stop, wondering why is this black hat so important
As they turn their gaze in awe of a torn flag
Riddled with bullets durning the Civil War
On a wall a couple yards away

April 15th prompt: Write a poem on one item in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, or one of the museums comprising the Smithsonian Institution.


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