Not Sorry For Confessional

I’m not sorry for putting clothing on my double coated dog
When it rains I don’t want to spend hours drying fur
When it snow; easier to find her
For fur coloring blends into the snow
Besides she likes it; get attention for wide range of clothing attire
I’m not sorry, for not stopping my dog from chasing geese
I have tried to stop her
But, she doesn’t seem to listen to me outside
It is also part of her breed
Which could be anything because she is a mutt
I’m not sorry for talking to my dog more than people
Dogs don’t criticize you
They always go with flow
They are always there for you
For that I am not sorry,
That my dog doesnt like you much either

April 16th prompt: Confession is good for the soul, so try writing a confessional – about all the things you are not sorry for.


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