Moon And Sun Letter

I got your letter this morning, Moon
I saw you as you dipped under the horizon
Disappearing to sleep soon
How are your stars last evening
Were they twinking bright
I wish I could view that sight

Sun, thank you for your letter this evening
Stars did put on a beautiful show
There sight was was something to behold
I hear you are lonely when you rise
Maybe one day, both of us will see each other
As you rise up and I go down

Yes, alone sometimes I am
A passing cloud sometimes arrives
Most time its voided only with blue sky
A rainbow comes to cheer me up
When clouds had dropped their buckets of rain
I can not wait to glimpse you again

Cheer Sun, I have problem with bickering stars
For they squabble among each other
Who is the brightest?
Who can out shine the other stars
Be grateful my friend
We will see each when we realign

Alright my friend, I will catch you then
Till next write again soon
Your truly yours, the Sun

I as well see you when you rise
I’ll write some more to keep you occupied
Your friend, the Moon

April 16 prompt from this site


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