Dancing The Minuet

Minuet, social dance of French origin
Dance with partners at elaborate parties
During early 17th century long ago
Usually dance in three fourths time
It was an elegant and graceful dance
Taken with short steps and such
A pivot here and a turn there
But, first you give a bow to your partner
As the woman curtsies in response
Lady places her left hand on your right hand
Both take small steps,
Right foot then left foot, then right foot again
Point your right foot, tap three times
Repeat the steps, three more times
Face again your partner and bow
As she like while will curtsy again
Turn in opposite direction now
Repeat the steps; remember move slow
For the Minuet is beautiful slow dance now

April 18th prompt: Using your list from yesterday’s prompt (which was to write about a dance fad), write a poem explaining one of those fads to someone who was not alive at the time the fad was in vogue.


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