Fight The Villanie Dragon

“Oh, knight where to go in full armor from head to toe?”
“I fight villanie dragon, which live upon the high mountain.
He has taken a princess to his daniker dark cave.
So, now I leave to bring her home
Slay the villanie dragon before the gloam.”

He is a tough one with scales three inches thick.
Breathes homoke flames out far and wide.
It seem our knight might not find a place to hide,
For All he has a sword and shield
No match for the villanie dragon who lives yonder.

Match seems lopsided, knight versus dragon
Will he prevail, will he win?
For all dragons they do have sweet spot
Where sword will pierce and dragon be no more
Can he find it time before the gloam?

Fight was intense as heat levels raise.
An open flap between the shoulders,
Now it’s time for the final strike
Sword hits it mark; villanie dragon cries
Another strike to other side; dragon dies.

No more villanie dragon will roam,
To steal what is not his own.
Princess free from all harm,
Rides of with knight before the gloam,
To where probably, his stately home.

April 18 prompt from this site


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