Sadden Divorce Husband

Wife of mine left me for another
Filed divorced have me quiet sadden
Thought she was the one all right
Found it was my friend, whom she liked
My two kids now live with me
They see my dejected sadden looks
How do I move forward now,
Two people who once was wife and friend?
Yours truly sadden divorce husband

Dear sadden divorced husband,
Yes, it will be difficult to move on
Don’t hang your head from what you didn’t see
Leave that friend and don’t go back
For he wasn’t truly your friend at all
You have kids; you are bless
Get involved with them should be what’s best
Your happiness will come back again
So, don’t dwell; free yourself from your guilt

April 19th prompt: Write a poem using the advice column as a model. You can cast it as a prose poem, free verse, or rhyme. Consider using heightened language and an outlandish problem and solution.


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