Pitching The Ball

Glove grabs baseball off the dirt
A hand grasps around the ball
Ball and arm extend out ready for windup
A curve ball thrown to corner of plate
Catcher catches it
Batter doesn’t declines to hit that pitch
Umpire yells ball one
Ball thrown back to pitcher
Pitcher shakes his head
Catcher gives a sign
When both agree; it’s time
Pitcher windup throw the pitch
Up and in, batter flinches
Umpire yells strike one
Again ball is thrown back to the mound
Another windup; ball come fast
Batter likes but swung and miss
Umpire yells strike two
Crowd cheers for an out
Batter is ready
The pitcher too
Now the windup he let the ball go
Smack into catcher glove
Left batter dazed as he swung too
Umpire yell strikes three, you’re out
Now have to repeat two more times
Unless batters make contact with ball

April 20 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/


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