Birthday Gathering

Kids stand on front porch;
they waiting for a cue word.
A woman holds video camera,
Whose birthday is it, she says.
One of them smiles, baby teeth missing,
holds up seven small fingers on their hands.
You, hear the alright word,
kids scramble looking around
for wraped gift hidden for their enjoyment.

From backyard, one child yells I one.
Tissue paper flies off, squirt gun,
for today, one of hot summers in eighty-nine.
Kids laugh, exchange the water blasts.

A dog runs around with the kids,
enjoying the fun and excitment too.
A woman, mom tell everyone,
time to sing happy birthday,
to one of kids wearing yellow tank top with redish jam shorts.
Everyone joins in the song.
Then sung again cause parents have birthday in same month.

Candles lit for three times
look like stubs at the end.
Better to get all three in while everyone is here.
Seem everyone is having fun
there in stifling heat of the evening.

April 21st prompt: Write a poem about a gathering of your friends or your family in your backyard from the point of view of someone across the street who was not invited. The setting may be the past or the present, but make clear – without stating a date – what year the gathering takes place.


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