Our Life Intertwine

The thread of our life intertwine as one
When we meet in winter when we were young
Kindred spirits we were forever
On that night so long ago

We were everywhere you and I
Traveled far and wide
Saw places we never knew there was
Collected many memories you and I

We grew old through the years
Watched the years changed and go
Heard murmur upon the winds
That one of us soon would go

You rested upon your bed
Your strength all but spent
I was near your side
When it was your turn to die

Your once bright eyes had sparkled
Now glaze over for your time had come
I held your hand one last time
As you slipped away to other side

April 26th prompt: The journal 3 Elements Review publishes poems integrating three disparate terms that the editors assign. Try composing a poem on one of these past assignments: husk-echo-quell, tandem bicycle-ache-procession or glaze-thread-murmur.


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