Circus Is Closing Its Door

Circus will close its doors next month
I will miss going very much
Will not be able to take my nephews
To have them experience
What I saw when I was their age
They will not hear the words:
“Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages,
Welcome to the circus”, by the ringleader
They will not see the cats jumping through hoops
Will not in awe watch acrobats tightrope
Across on a tight rope to other side
And oh, the clowns that will be missed
Watching them do silly things
Their painted faces with funny expressions
Their silly gear they bring
The laughter that fills the air
Now will not be there
Then the elephant parade
As elephants march in single file
They lumber around, show off raising someone on trunk
Then putting front leg on elephant ahead of them
What a show that will be missed
I remember when I was young I use to go
It was fun and enjoyable experience
It was something you could say
“I was there, I saw a circus and love it!”
I will always treasure the time I went
Seeing the animals and clowns do their acts
It was a chance of lifetime to go
Since it traveled aboard everywhere on the road
I was glad to see it when I was very young long time ago
I will miss you The Ringling Brothers Circus
But, I can say when I am gray
I saw a circus when I was young and your age
I will tell stories of what I seen
Keep the memory of going alive
Watch my nephew’s eyes light in awe
Of what a circus is and what I saw

April 27th prompt: The Ringling Brothers Circus will close forever next month. Write an elegy to the circus.


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