They take photos
Like poems written by poets.
They accumulate gear
For they become an expensive shopper
Print their photos on paper
Or might enlarge on poster
Some have lasted through the ages
While others have been lost to past
Many photographers are famous with their arts
Travel to many places on Earth
From mountains to a seaport
They shoot from objects to a rose
From animals to the star
Some take forever with their stare
To find the composition that is dear to their heart
From Internet they might post
Their photos for everyone they share
There is no shortage
Of photographers
With their many photographs
I hope one day to be one of those

April 30th prompt: Write a “word scramble” poem. Choose a one-word title and then write a poem where the end word of each line is derived from four or more letters in the title. For example, Terrence Hayes’s poem “Nuclear” has end line words uncle, rule, learn, clan(destine), lace, ulcer, race, caul(dron) and clean. Donna Massini’s poem “Anxieties“ is a word scramble poem, too.


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