Ten Way Of Looking At A Light bulb

Gives light in darkest places
Where blackness runs deep
Only one light bulb is needed to shine.

A light bulb thought
Turns on in my head
Developing into a workable idea.

Under fabric circled around
On mounted base screwed under
Light bulb off until dangle cord is pulled.

A joke of how many certain people
Does it take to change a light bulb
Will grab a few chuckles from a crowd.

A beacon shines out on sea
Far rays from light bulb
Gives protected light for sailors.

Street lamps shine at each house
Except one fades in and out
In need of new light bulb change.

Light bulb shines bright
Giving hope to world
Filling up with darkness.

Electric currents move into
Filaments sparking a light
In glass bulb to make light bulb light.

Neon sign blink on and off
With color light bulbs
Beckoning people into bars.

A square of light bulbs
Frame a glass mirror
As one readies themselves for performance.


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