Pleading Parched Land Thirsts For Water

Parched land thirsts for water
As hot sun beats down mercifully
Sending hot waves of air
to suck up moisture from the land.

Land begs the sun to turn down heat
But, ignore goes the pleads
As sun sends more humid, hotness down
For land now cracking dry under heat.

When will the clouds come?
For sky is a naked blue ocean
With no clouds in the sky
No, rain comes for parched thirsty land.

Land wait and wait each day
Pleading for an end from sun rays
But, no answer will come
Until there is a change in the wind.

5 Haikus Of Savannah

Hanging moss trees dot
Historic town old beyond
Years what they have seen

City arise from
Ash from the Civil War to
Become tourist place

Ghosts stroll street around
Many old historic inns
Some prank on humans

A cobblestone street
Still seen at bank of river
Holds quaint shops to find

Southern atmosphere
Brings out a picturesque charm
In historic town

Leading To Independence

They came and taxed us
We threw tea into sea

They quartered troops in our houses
We grumbled as we took them in

They marched to siege an armory
We were there waiting for them to come

They left a few our dead at Lexington and Concord
We picked them off as they returned back to camp

They massed themselves to battle
Our little band joined together at Bunker Hill

They fought
We fought
First engagement for American Independence