Bear And Salmon Letter

I waited in water for you to come.
But your lumbering self did not show yet

I recieved your letter to late my tasty salmon friend
I have just woken up from my long slumber
where Spring has finally arrive

Will you come soon bear,
To try and catch me this year again?
I wait swimming up steam for you

I will try to come quickly
There are many distractions
For which force to stop:
Umm, these berries are delicious

You don’t have much time bear
Before you will your chance to get me
I can only wait for so long
Please hurry soon!

I will arrive tomorrow soon
To see if I can swipe my paw
To grab your scaly self
For you will make great protein
As I eat for lunch
For, I am a hungry bear

We will see if you do
I hope to swim through your clutch
And watch me how I get away again
See you, I am the hopefull salmon