A Letter To Earth

My dearest planet Earth,
What will become of your future?
Your ice caps begin to melt at the poles
Raising the sea water to high levels
When we don’t know when they overflow our banks
To possibly flood us out
And land masses sink below
Your wild nature shinks before my eyes
Forests disappear in a heartbeat under our destruction
Our vast animals now begin to dwindle to extinction
Lands begin to dry causing fires to invade;
Destroying everything in its path.
What will our children see of you, Earth?
Will they see a thriving place to live?
Or will they from space look at you with sad eyes
As they leave the planet we have used for so many generation.
What will become of you, oh Earth?
My planet of life;
I hope in our coming days we will find a way
To secure a future for another 5,000 years.


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