April Poetry Starts Tomorrow

Hi everyone! Tomorrow starts the first of April which means national poetry month. Basically each day you write a poem in the month of April. There are plenty sites giving prompts for each day. My library again is going to be doing a prompt every day and read a poem too.

Unfortunately no one wrote a poem from my prompt so there will not be one posted tomorrow. The April prompt for this month will be either pick one of the sites that will be hosting national poetry prompts and pick one. Then comment here or to one of the many April poem posts. Or the other is to go through my Month of April: 30 Days Challenge category and write a poem based on that prompt and post it here or to that post. Then end of April I will choose a poem or two and display it on the site.

Here are some sites that will have prompts to write a poem a day from:
Read+Write: 30 Days of Poetry (My Library)


Writers Digest Poetic Asides

National Poetry Month

Sleep, I Could Not Find

Sleep, I could not find
My thoughts ran rampant
Wild pass the circuit drive
Zip, bounce around my brain
They would not slow for sleep
grabbed paper and pen did I
Jot down thoughts going in my head
they trickled out through the pen
Slowed down to temperate speed
Now sleep has finally come at last

No Love Has Found My Door

No love has found my door; to my heart
Not one has penetrated deeply
To stir the feelings within
To take the next step onward
Living together side by side
Enjoying each other company

My door remains close
Not one has come a calling
No love has come to me
To test the spark to begin
The relationship journey
Will the door ever open to someone?

End Of The Day

Trudge through knee deep snow on starry night;
Where new snow glistens without single foot print ahead.
Through the woods I plod onward.
Smoke curls around a house
Beckons me home to warm against the cold.
I shake the coldness of snow and leave it at the door.
Gather a book and curl up close to blazing fireplace.
With dog sleeping on my feet.
Happy to be home in my cabin in the woods.

Waiting For Her Treat

She stands staring… Her eyes gaze longingly at… I see the counter where… A piece of her favorite… She smacks her… Does her tricks with… For she can be smart when… I see her eyeing what is now in… I say leave it while I give her command to… She watches… Drool starts to form as she is getting… snack is what she loves. On paws she is… eat what she really… I give nod to… Finally with a look… Head down devours until… gone, with no crumbs left on… Where she continues to lick and… Then she looks up expecting… from me which will not happen.