Voice Within A Box

You are an excellent singer larynx.
I have a good larynx too.
Let’s make sweet songs together larynx.
Let’s us raise an octave on our larynx.
Show how we change from note to note.
We all have larynx to speak from.
Even animals have a larynx too.
The sky all day rains with speaking larynxes.

Toss a group of larynxes together in a room.
Bound them all in one to listen to their pitches.
Hear what they chat about from inside their boxes.

There are brief rest for a larynx.
Larynx breathes out words.
I listen in awe. We listen as a group.
Gathered in one giant room a larynx booms out
great many things on motivation.
Unhinge your box of voice, larynx.
Speak, sing, croak your lines out.
Ready yourself, larynx for now
you still offer sweet sounds upon my ears.

April 1st Prompt: Write an ode to one of the body’s organs. Culliton has taken the liver, and the heart is way over-used, but how about your spleen, tonsils, intestines, stomach, pancreas or larynx?

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