Crossing Trunks

This was very hard prompt to work on. I have tried it and it is below here.
Here is the photo that I used for this poem called Elephants.
Here is the poem by Thomas Kling that I used to try to translate called stratum II (double-headed hermes).

do we cross our trunks in greeting?
wrap them around saying hi. in

short we do. in all, have you seen us together?
see, one now: why not go to the zoo? will

show when you arrive, our friendship. up
with our trunks will wrap around tight, in which

you will see the crossing of the trunks, watch
us wrap them around, without getting tusks

in way. we will stand there like hand and
hand. for we are close as kin in our tiny herd

at zoo; for we are not wild, growing
up captive. wrinkles seen, wrapped forever

here. friends through time with cross trunks.

April 5 prompt from this site

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