TRAPezoid Trap

My four sides where two are unequal in length.
I am trapezoid boxing all with my unequal shape.
Trap people into thinking I made be the rectangle;
No, I am not even the four-equal sided square; but
I have my tricks to trap all who are in classes of math.
My 4 angles are acute as ever they will be so very small.
Two long lines on either side contain the very same length
Last two side not so much; one small and other longest still
I am called a quadrilateral because my four lines are like so
You find me hiding, waiting to spring my trap out of geometry
I lurk between the pages of calculus for trapping is what I do best
Found in architecture all round the world you will find me there.
Look at windows or building built wider at base and tapering to top
Will find me with many other great building wonders around there
I am in toys from beginner to advanced; I have trapped all in my travels
Look closely on animals, draw a line, pop up I will come springing a trap
For, I am trapezoid, two unequal length lines and trapping is what I do best

April 29th Prompt: Write a poem about a geometric shape in the form of the shape itself. Circles, squares, and rectangles are all fair game, but consider too a rhomboid, parallelogram, isosceles triangle, obtuse triangle, trapezoid, or octagon.

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