Nature Talking

Be silent in the vast wood
Listen too trees talk
Hear singing of birds
Tweet their voices loudly
Feel the wind come
Listen to rustle of leaves
Nature has opened its mouth to talk
Hear what it has to say to us

Avid Bookworm Reader

Watch out for avid bookworm reader when they cross street. They won’t be watching where they go. They will either have stack of books or maybe reading a book too close to their face. Don’t give bookworm reader more than two books a week. They will be too engross to paid attention to anyone around them. They will be in their own little world. They might forget to eat and sleep. Incase that happens make sure to feed every four hours until bedtime when you must take book away. If you do, be prepare for crying, protests, pleading and anger. Be gentle but firm. Look for fatigue signs, red rimmed eyes, staring at same too long and mild drooling. If they inhibit vancant eyes must drop what you doing and take to emergency immediately. Above else please limit their book intake or else they will havw bookworm reader overdose.