Rope The Moon

I wish I could catch the moon

Lasso moon with thick rope

Pull and pull until moon comes closer to me

I want to eye moon with great care

See it’s nooks and crannies

See if there is really a face in the moon

Bathe in its glow until I remove rope

And watch as moon ascend again in night sky

Will Be Flying Over Soon [Letter To Yellow Orchid Flower]

Yo, my orchid flower friend!
I have been buzzing around busy
As any bumble bee can be.
I your got letter a little late,
Since I had recently moved around town.
I am bringing more pollen holders as you suggest.
I will see if other friends can come too;
As more the merrier we can throw a party.
To bury my head into to leaves for pollen;
I can’t wait to get pollen dirty.
Alas, this maybe be my last year
Us bees never know how soon we will go.
I fly quickly to your open bloomed flower side.
I will sing you a knew buzzing tune.
Until then my yellow friend hold your pollen for me longer.
Your busy buzzing friend, bee.

And I Knew A Dog Named Lucy

And I knew a dog Named Lucy;
And she was the first dog I got to see;
And she would be my growing-up companion for as long as she lived to be.
And she and I would play the day away when I was young.
And I use to pull her tail,
And she never mind at all.
And she would wait by the door for when I came home from school.
And she would look at you with her expressive eyes,
And you wonder how much she knew.
And I could talk to her,
And she kept any secrets I would tell her.
And I remember if I was crying, she would be right there to comfort.
And she was the family dog which everyone loved.
And she had the sweetest temperament of any dog I knew.
And she watch us kids as we reached towards high school.
And she loved us unconditionally,
And we loved back even more.
And she was fourteen when she was taken.
And we mourned what a great dog we had.
And we kept her ashes, which lie out back,
And under pine tree buried in a box.
And still to this day I think of her,
And glad she helped me find my love of dogs.
And she will always be in my heart for ever more.