Trail of Western Memories

A Trail of Memories:
Dark Canyon, Silver Canyon
Haunted Mesa,
which lie Beyond the Great Snow Mountains
and Where the Long Grass Blows
Down the Long Hills
to The Empty Land
Passin’ Through them a
Frontier Under the Sweetwater Rim
where Rivers West May There Be A Road
which is Westward the Tide
under the Valley of the Sun
you can Ride the River
and take the Long Ride Home
on How the West Was Won
in great adventures
from an author who has
written great western novels
through the years.

Here is another one of my favorite authors Louis L’amour who has written tons of western novels. I have read almost all of them when I was growing up. The titles are in italics.

Musically Storm Tonight

All silent in sleeping slumber tonight.
Clouds begin to brew a coming storm tonight.

Winds will pick up with force; charging in before it rains tonight.

Musically symphony will crash through with rain beating the beats tonight.

Crickets using their legs will strum like violins before coming storm tonight.

Lightning will be the lights of the grand show tonight.

For thunder will crash as cymbals in end musically storm tonight.

Whisper Me A Line Of Poetry

Whisper me a line of poetry o wind.
What lines will I hear tonight.
Will I hear love sonnets from ages past?
Will it be three-line haiku from nature’s landscapes?
Will it be perhaps Dickerson’s short lyric line from her many poems
What will you give me o wind tonight.
Will you recite lines from the Raven?
Will I hear Frost or Sandburg?
Will it be life or death or in between?
Will I listen to prose or free verse?
What will you give me tonight?
I will sit and listen o wind.

Dog Trying To Blog

I try to use paws… Difficult with small key buttons on… Why can’t they make large buttons for… they call a computer? I, dog have hard… with this device. I press… more than one… comes on screen. They said easier… pen or pencil in my… or paws. I will stop… random letters are appearing… makes no sense. Blogging is taking… necessary for me with… I have typing away. I’ll let owner… fine tooth comb to make sure… correct and fix my post.