What Will You Write Poet

What will you write poet?
I write with weaving lines that alternate between rhythms;
With measured beats that will cascade to order cadence
Like drums upon a long ago battlefield,
You can hear their rat a tat, rat a tat still echoing now.

I write with flourish gust of my pen
The metaphors come closing in
As they fight off similes to gain substance in my poem
They slash the likes and as,
Making themselves known to the reader.

I write to the world to show how I feel,
The down trodden days of polical unrest,
Dishearten and sadden what I see.
How to change can only come from words and understanding
With one another to find that common ground.

I write about the animals;
And to nature where they are losing a desperate battle
Locked arm and arm against human interaction
They want their voice heard
And, I poet will give it to them
So, they can rise above
And find a place to coexist
With the ever changing landscape of a world filled with man.

I write of happy times and sad times too
Where new life comes into being
While old slips off the shore
To some distant place far from our reaches
In another realm beyond what we cannot see.

I write, to write what I know
Or to become inspire to write
Something different and new
With hopes that the next poem
Will lead me down new paths to explore.

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