I Miss You, My Dog, So Much

I miss you, my dog, so much

I miss your smile which brighten my days.

I miss your zooming around rooms at top speed.

I miss hearing your jingling collar.

I miss you licking my hands.

I miss the way you would pout.

I miss your stubborn look you gave when outside on our walks.

I miss our walks outside; you and me in all types of weather.

I miss petting your soft fur; gave me calming times.

I miss seeing you in your spot near window; watching what was going on.

I miss seeing you when I would come home from work.

I miss seeing you cozy and comfy on your bed.

I miss taking you to grandma’s house; she loved you so much too.

I miss our outings to pet stores; calming you when you were nervous.

I miss seeing you on stair landing; your favorite area to sleep.

I missing hearing the gnawing of your antler you would gnaw away on for hours.

I miss hearing squeaks as you played with your many toys.

I miss taking photos of you and dressing you up in costumes.

I miss putting bandanas on you for you had so many to choose from.

I miss your presence in my home; for you were everywhere in one position or another.

I will miss you always; but you will be in my heart always.

Memories of A Best Friend: My Dog Chelsey

Before holidays she passed from this world.
Sleeping in her walking outfit ready for a walk.
I miss four paws padding their way from room to room.
A walk schedule drawn to a halt; no dog to take outside.
Collar lies on an empty bed; no dog to hear jingling of tags.
Tears for one I really miss now on a cold lonely night.
I cuddled her one last time before she parted;
As I pictured her pushing me away with a paw;
No cuddles she liked at all.
She rests in peace her journey now done.
No more pictures of her; showing her gorgeous grin
The dog model has left the building in style with a scarf;
Her tail curled as she left me with many pictures and memories.
How I miss every inch of you; wishing to pet you once more.

Ten long years we were together.
You pulled me through my ups and down.
Gave me your fur for me to pet; when needed comfort.
You made laugh as you zoomed around from room to room;
Sometime with a stuff toy in your mouth.
Even when you were a senior you enjoy your toys.
Your smile always brightened my gloomy days.
Our walks were always something entertaining;
Whether or not of what animals we would encounter and chase.
You were silent; showed your love in many ways.
Going out; everyone commented on how pretty you were.
You were the one to get me out of the home more.
I will remember you my friend forever
Through many photos and writings I have done of you.

With having you in my life; I will be ready when time is right
To bring another pup into my home.
You gave me time and patience with being my first dog I ever own.
For I learned from you as you learned from me,
I know now more to love another animal then before.
Another one will come; maybe you will even help choose;
For you know which one will mend a broken heart.
To make me whole and happy again.
I will always miss you, my best friend, the first you will always be
You just wait in heaven and someday I will see you again soon.

To Think You Are Really Gone

The jingling of the collar has stopped
Clicking of nails on kitchen floor have gone silent
The zooming around has disappeared
A bed lies empty; blanket folded with a collar on top
No open tongue out with happy grin to greet me
Waving tail has stopped its swooshing from side to side
The licking of fingers, hand and face are gone
Emptiness fills the rooms where you once were
My mind goes numb in deep sadness
To think that you are really gone from this world
I feel so alone now without you
I wish to see, hear and feel you once more

Re-posting For A Sad Day For Me

Today is a sad day. My dog, Chelsey, who is the one to inspire me to write poetry and was my best friend has passed over the doggie rainbow bridge. I was with her all evening into this morning to keep her company. I put her harness on with her favorite winter coat since she loved walking and being outside all the time. She passed on her own time when I went to work. Below is a poem I wrote a year or two back ago.

Chelsey About 12 1/2 or 13, died Nov. 19th 2018

Saying Goodbye

Darkness has come heavy upon my brow
My memory dims as light fades from my eyes
Your cool hand strokes my fur
I rest in the crook of your arm
You cry sad tears for me
Do not worry for me anymore
I will leave you
Maybe we will meet again
If we do I will be waiting,
I will greet you with wagging tail
Just know I will love you always
My time has come to move on
Let me rest here until my eyes close
Let me rest in the crook of your arm
As you tell me good bye in my ear

A Dog Love Sonnet

Note from dog: This is my attempt at my first sonnet. This was difficult for me, dog, who had to ask owner how a sonnet worked.

What gives my furry heart to start to beat
My four paws patter to your open arms
With happy grin my mouth hangs opens to greet
For now you are home; I put on my charms

Shall I cuddle close or push you away
You give me bounding love; I return same
Walks abound every day; there’s also play
Alas, wasn’t this way before you came

For I was found wandering streets alone
On cold December day you came for me
Brought me to your place; I now call my own
Have you now wrapped around my paw you see

Thou art my best friend till my final end
Saying my good-bye will be hard to send

I Love Dinosaurs

I love dinosaurs from small to big.
I love their prehistoric look.
Their Large frames; their bony skin.
Some could have been feathery.
I love the herbivores: Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus,
Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus,
Stegosaurus, Triceratops.
The meater-eaters: Albertosaurus, Compsognathus,
Gallimimus, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor.
I love reading them in books; seeing them in movies;
Dreaming about them when I was a kid.
I sometimes wish I could meet a herbivore live
To pet, to hear how they sound.
Or go back in time as by-stander just watch them
Amble or stomp along the prehistoric world.
But, I guess for now I will play with just my dinosaur toys.