Re-posting For A Sad Day For Me

Today is a sad day. My dog, Chelsey, who is the one to inspire me to write poetry and was my best friend has passed over the doggie rainbow bridge. I was with her all evening into this morning to keep her company. I put her harness on with her favorite winter coat since she loved walking and being outside all the time. She passed on her own time when I went to work. Below is a poem I wrote a year or two back ago.

Chelsey About 12 1/2 or 13, died Nov. 19th 2018

Saying Goodbye

Darkness has come heavy upon my brow
My memory dims as light fades from my eyes
Your cool hand strokes my fur
I rest in the crook of your arm
You cry sad tears for me
Do not worry for me anymore
I will leave you
Maybe we will meet again
If we do I will be waiting,
I will greet you with wagging tail
Just know I will love you always
My time has come to move on
Let me rest here until my eyes close
Let me rest in the crook of your arm
As you tell me good bye in my ear

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