I Miss You, My Dog, So Much

I miss you, my dog, so much

I miss your smile which brighten my days.

I miss your zooming around rooms at top speed.

I miss hearing your jingling collar.

I miss you licking my hands.

I miss the way you would pout.

I miss your stubborn look you gave when outside on our walks.

I miss our walks outside; you and me in all types of weather.

I miss petting your soft fur; gave me calming times.

I miss seeing you in your spot near window; watching what was going on.

I miss seeing you when I would come home from work.

I miss seeing you cozy and comfy on your bed.

I miss taking you to grandma’s house; she loved you so much too.

I miss our outings to pet stores; calming you when you were nervous.

I miss seeing you on stair landing; your favorite area to sleep.

I missing hearing the gnawing of your antler you would gnaw away on for hours.

I miss hearing squeaks as you played with your many toys.

I miss taking photos of you and dressing you up in costumes.

I miss putting bandanas on you for you had so many to choose from.

I miss your presence in my home; for you were everywhere in one position or another.

I will miss you always; but you will be in my heart always.

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