Two Countries Across Ocean Letter

Across oceans we lie.
Days are frigidly cold.
Snow and ice blanket the ground.
It feels thou I am far northern then I am.
I stay wrapped in blankets hidden under many layers.
The tundra moves through to slowly; I wish for warmth.
I wish to visit you across the southern ocean far.
– North America

Our country is warm indeed.
No cold has come our way.
Sun shines giving warm heat.
Blankets lie in closet waiting for our day;
When weather will turn bitter cold.
Your temperatures will flux again,
While we continue with warmer weather;
Stay warm my friend till then.
— Australia

Zooming Dog Haiku Sonnet

The following is a Haiku Sonnet which is a cross between a Haiku and and a Sonnet. This poem consists of 4 3-line Haiku and a 2-line couple that could be 5 or 7 lines each. For more information a poet named David Marshall has some good examples of this type of poem.

Dog standing in hall
Flashing a big doggy grin
She ready to spring

To run back and forth
From one room to another
At very top speeds

Smiling, mouth open
To stair landing; back again
Around furniture

She use zoom around
Happy pup with energy
Now there is no more

I miss zooming of my dog
Brought smile to my face

Winter Storm Comes Tomorrow

Winter storm comes tomorrow.
Will be it like news predicts?
Bringing light flurries in morning
A dusting before the big dump.
In mid-afternoon temps will drop
Bringing steady snow throughout
Rest of the day through weekend.
Snow they said will continue to fall
Will it fall all the way to Monday?
A winter storm will come tomorrow.

Cura, Sodales Iam Abiissent

The following are four poems put together in four parts in remembering two of my furry friends that had a big impact on my life. I decided to put the title in latin. Cura, Sodales Iam Abiissent loosely means “Beloved Friends Now Gone”. First two words Cura, Sodales means roughly beloved friends and Iam Abiissent roughly means now gone. I used Google Translate to translate but it wasn’t giving me correct translation when doing whole phrase. Also two of the parts I decided to go back and revised and add to. I have updated the two parts of poems in their respected blog.

And I knew a dog Named Lucy

And I knew a dog Named Lucy;
And she was the first dog I got to see;
And she would be my growing-up companion for as long as she lived to be.
And she and I would play the day away when I was young.
And I use to pull her tail,
And she never mind at all.
And she would wait by the door for when I came home from school.
And she would look at you with her expressive eyes,
And you wonder how much she knew.
And I could talk to her,
And she kept any secrets I would tell her.
And I remember if I was crying, she would be right there to comfort.
And she was the family dog which everyone loved.
And she had the sweetest temperament of any dog I knew.
And she watch us kids as we reached towards high school.
And she loved us unconditionally,
And we loved back even more.
And she was fourteen when she was taken.
And we mourned what a great dog we had.
And we kept her ashes, which lie out back,
And under pine tree buried in a box.
And still to this day I think of her,
And glad she helped me find my love of dogs.
And she will always be in my heart for ever more.

For I Will Consider My Dog Chelsey

For I will consider my dog Chelsey.
For she is my loyal companion and best friend.
For under my roof she lives with me quietly waiting for her favorite activities to do.
For she is a great window watcher laying down by sliding glass doors waiting for those activity words to be heard.
For once she hears one of those words, she will stand upon all fours paws looking at me in earnest.
For when at that moment she will stretch her forward paws and then her back to get ready to go.
For also she will let a rolling yawn come out of her mouth, her pink tongue coming out and then shake her whole body indicating she is ready.
For first activity of enjoyment are walks in morning and evening before sunset.
For I strap the harness around her neck, then clip a leash, her eyes dance with excitement.
For once outside she will swagger her walk going around the sidewalk; stopping sometimes to sniff around.
For she will go out in all types of weather be it beautiful, snow, rain, humid and cold.
For second word of activity is meal time where twice a day she is fed.
For hearing the kibbles go into the bowl; she is there in a blink of an eye waiting; eyeing her food.
For I have to give her a release food so she doesn’t inhale her food too fast.
For next activity is playtime.
For she will run around the room; zooming fast around.
For also it may involve a stuff toy that has her attention as she shakes it in her mouth, letting the squeaking be heard with delight in her eyes.
For another activity sometimes amuses her is taking photos of her in different settings.
For she has a smile that I capture with my camera.
For she will give different expressions every time I snap a picture.
For she knows she will get something in return; normally a treat or two.
For she will tolerate the dressing up; the hats; the bandanas and glasses too.
For she will probably think she is star which is true.
For I have many prints and wall decor of her everywhere in my rooms.
For her last activity of enjoyment she considers her favorite.
For she learns and practices over and over again until sometime without telling her she will do it from heart.
For they involve commands that always leads to treats at the end.
For she will sit then stay with perfection until she can’t hold and want to do the next command without hesitation.
For sometimes I have repeat so can paid attention to my signals both verbal and by hand.
For next command to look at me and then lay down and wait as I move closer to the finally act.
For I will place treats on her paws and say leave it as she looks at me smiling; waiting with a happy drooling doggy grin for the release of the word to her treats.
For once that word is spoken she wastes no time devouring those treats; crumbs and all until nothing remains left.
For these activities are her favorite and brings our bond closer then ever.
For she is my loyal companion and best friend in a furry coat who loves me know matter what activities we do together.

I Miss You, My Dog, So Much

I miss you, my dog, so much
I miss your smile which brighten my days.
I miss your zooming around rooms at top speed.
I miss hearing your jingling collar.
I miss you licking my hands.
I miss the way you would pout.
I miss your stubborn look you gave when outside on our walks.
I miss our walks outside; you and me in all types of weather.
I miss petting your soft fur; gave me calming times.
I miss seeing you in your spot near window; watching what was going on.
I miss seeing you when I would come home from work.
I miss seeing you cozy and comfy on your bed.
I miss taking you to grandma’s house; she loved you so much too.
I miss our outings to pet stores; calming you when you were nervous.
I miss seeing you on stair landing; your favorite area to sleep.
I missing hearing the gnawing of your antler you would gnaw away on for hours.
I miss hearing squeaks as you played with your many toys.
I miss taking photos of you and dressing you up in costumes.
I miss putting bandanas on you for you had so many to choose from.
I miss your presence in my home; for you were everywhere in one position or another.
I will miss you always; but you will be in my heart always.

For I Will Remember My Dogs

For I will remember my dogs I had in my life.
For they were my best friends and closest confidants.
For each one had their own unique gifts they offered.
For one was like a sibling to me when growing up with
eyes that seem to understand every word I say.
For I would tell her everything as she would keep the secrets.
For her brown eyes were most expressive and her gentle nature
she would comfort me when I was blue.
For we play many games as we grew up together.
For she would be there when I got home from school.
For she was part of my young life growing up.
For I had the best fourteen years learning from her
which opened my heart to other animals.
For now she has passed from the world to the beyond.
For I had to wait twelve years for another dog to enter my life.
For it was winter time when she came into my life; shy and scared.
For she grew out her shell to be the best dog I could ever had.
For she taught me how to be pet parent for she was one first ever own.
For she brought my confidence up when out with her walking around the town.
For we both had some issues that were the same as we were both unsure and
quiet; preferring to stay home; not be around large noises and crowds.
For that we bonded close; my best friend she will always be.
For she was also like a child to me;
For I worried about her in her final months she was still living.
For I didn’t know what I would do with out her.
For she opened two doors of hobbies for me to try; photography and poetry writing.
For I found two things I didn’t know I would be good at;
she helped me hone my two hobby crafts.
For now I have publish a few poetry books which some were related to inspiration
from her.
For photography she became my model;
For she had a smile that radiated like the sun; not caring what modeling props
she would be wearing.
For she gave me an outlet for my creativity to blossom.
For her photos of her have been in magazines, exhibits, greeting cards
and calendars.
For she became sick after an accident;
For too quickly a few months later she passed from this world
leaving me to grief my first own pet I ever had.
For she will always be with me forever;
For I will remember my dogs which taught me so much
and opened many doors for me.
For they were the best friends I will always have and
For them they will help me find another when time is right.
For dogs will always be apart of my life for a very long time.