My dog was very independent.
She always tended
to take care of herself as needed.
She was very ted-
ious in her grooming besides her pet-
ting. She never wanted it to end.
Regardless, she still needed me to depend
on until she finally dep-
arted this world. She was ten
when her life ended.
No, more poetry writing from her pen
Or taking her pic-
cture as model with pie-
rcing look of being dependent.
She was the best pet
til her final end.

Staring Out Of Window

I walked into room
Saw you staring out:
Your dominion high above
On third level condo
Watching all that transpired
Under your focused gaze
You only took a quick glance
As I enter; then back to staring
Out of sliding glass window
Nothing escaped your notice
Until you were satisfied
Nothing would get pass your eyes;
Satisfied you finally took your nap

Dog’s Ode To Stuff Toy

Here was Chelsey, the dog, attempt of writing an ode poem.

My toy I love you so much
You are there when I awake
And you are there when I sleep
I enjoy your squeak you make
Your high pitch excites me
To point I zoom around
And round the home
I love to to chomp on you;
I am glad you don’t mind
My teeth clamp on
Shake you find side to side
I love the runs we do together
As I race with you in mouth
You are my friend; my playmate;
When human owner goes work
I am glad you are still with me
Regardless of some missing tuff

Where’s Your Smiling Face [Revision]

Where’s your smiling face?
I saw it greet me every day.
From your bed your smiling face was there
Saying good morning let’s get going.
You would thump your tail in morning greeting;
After you would stretch and yawn.
Your smile would send me off as I went to work.
Return I would open door; you standing on stair landing;
Your tail wagging, smiling down at me.
You would smile when photos were taken;
Such a model and a natural.
When you raced around; you’d stopped and smile;
Then continue on with your zooming run.
How I miss your gorgeous smile of yours
Which you brighten up my life.

Earth In Trouble

Right now.

This second,

Mankind alters Earth beyond recognition.

In summer, pinyon pines don’t smell,

Wind feels in error,

Like it’s blowing the wrong way,

At wrong time of year.

These feelings of the climate change

Talk of Antarctic glaciers melting faster.

Environmental dangers occupied top spots on biggest global risks.

They told us so.

This is an Erasure poem. Below is the photo of scratching out the words.