Looking For A New Dog

I drove to shelter to check the dogs
Hoping one will catch my eye
Their barking greet me as I walk in
I stop at each cage
Hear their yips and barks
Are you the right one for me?
I look though their cage
Some stare silently back
Sad expressions across their face
I read each cage info
I gauge each dog
Are they too big or too small?
Are too young or in their senior years?
I mentally take their number
Move on to the next
I stay at each cage for as long as I wanted
Some I walked pass
For their sign said they are adopted
Cage after cage I take my notes
Down one row then another
I double back again
Check one more time
I check my time an hour elapse
I walk out to main area
Talk to volunteers about which I liked
Some have potential owner waiting
Some are now the one I’m looking for
I sigh at answers given
No dog to adopt today
I leave for home
I’ll try again another time
Hopefully I will find one then.

April 3rd prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

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