Plainfield, Ohio

I have never been here or heard the name.
Is it a small town or something little bigger?
By its name it sounds like a boring place to be.
Its name sounds as place is on a plain
With cornfields and farms dotting around;
Or maybe there are no farms?
But empty plains of dust and short grasses.
I am tempted to research.
But this prompt says no.
So, this name is what I have to go by.
It sounds like an early town
From when Ohio first started.
I can see few quaint houses.
That might have been back then.
What else is to say; I do not know
When I am done with poem.
I will learn about this place I don’t know.

April 21st Prompt: Look at a map of Ohio and find a place in the state you have never been to. Write a poem about it, using only your imagination or what you’ve heard – no research.

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