Perfect House

Tuck in woods and by a brook
Is where my perfect house sits
Base with light tan bricks
Layer of stones with strong roof overhead
Oaken door with look of magical quality
Open wide and step inside
Living room open and airy with hardwood floors
Modest bay windows used for time of reading
In winter nights fireplace warms the nights
On either side wall to wall
Books upon books line the shelves
Comfy couch and and chairs lie within
On top of soft big creamy cover rug
Off a kitchen fit for connoisseur
Enough cabinet space to store my gadgets
A window with light streams in
Make space nice to cook and eat
Titles line the kitchen floor
Easy to find the dropped food
Back into living room and off to side
A little study to hide and contemplate.
Its modest with window high above
A desk, chair and small sofa
With small shelves for book lie inside
Right next to entry door of study
Lies stairs which wind up in a spiral
Open floor plan up above
Leads to two bedroom and bathroom
Master bedroom holds half the space
While other bedroom a little less
Each floored with hardwood
With creative rugs of inspiration designs
Here too book shelves line a wall
Each room a window where shine throughout the day
Along with bathroom where
There is enough space to wash a dog
A sink and bath tub are there too
In the hallway on second floor
Little trap door to take down and see
A little nook to store and hide
What; more books is where some lie
A quiet home away from city
A place to think;
A place to relax and be creative
That is the perfect house for me

April 22th Prompt: Find a photo or quote to write about at Writing Prompts, or use this one from the site: What are your wildest dreams for your great-grandchildren (or anyone two generations from now)?
Used image from the writing prompt site.

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