Loss of Hardest Puzzle

I looked for my puzzle upon the shelf
Down in basement where I hadn’t been
At my Grandma’s house few months back.
I tried to find its purple border cover
With picture of star constellations
Dotting black night sky.
I wanted to get it out
Bring it into work
To show my puzzle companions
How hard it was to do.
But no, I couldn’t find it.
I looked to where I thought it was
I opened shelf doors; I peeked under
Stacks of old paper to no avail.
It is now loss perhaps thrown out.
I remember how hard it was.
Would take me months to do by myself.
It was hardest challenge of puzzle I had ever done.
I would be proud when I finished.
For every piece was black with
Only speckling of light colors
Which be rings or form a constellation.
I would pour over every piece
Trying to connect to finish picture.
It brought me a sense of accomplishment
When I would place the last piece in.
Now I know there are other puzzles
Some as challenging as the one I lost.
At least I have memories of
Working on the puzzle during summer months.
It was a puzzle that always kept me busy.
The puzzle will always be why
I enjoyed putting puzzles together all my life.

April 30th Prompt: Write an elegy to an object you or someone else lost and never found.

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